Individual Training Courses

Current Colours Consultant Program

Become a Current Colours Consultant and become a colour expert. As a colour consultant or professional stylist/image consultant, your expertise in contemporary colour analysis can set you apart in the industry. Current Colours is the most accurate method of colour analysis.  For those choosing the Style File program, Current Colours is included as a component.

    • Price:  CAD 1800
    • Includes:
      • Current Colours digital course
      • 10 hours of one-on-one training
      • Current Colours kit
        • Full drape kit
        • Supporting training materials
        • SF wallets
      • Certification as Current Colours Consultant

You will learn:

    • Colour terminology
    • Why people choose colour
    • Relation of colour and shape
    • Colour Harmonies
    • Characteristics of colour
    • Application of colour characteristics to individual analysis
    • Why personal colouring changes over the years
    • Relationship of hair colour to overall analysis
    • Evolution of colour analysis
    • Four necessary elements of an accurate colour analysis
    • Accuracy and individuality of Current Colours system
    • Current Colours Categories
    • Cross-over colours
    • The relevance of colour trends in the marketplace

The Skill of Personal Style

The Skill of Personal Style will teach you exclusive concepts to become proficient in art of individual style. A thorough understanding of the various facets, principles and elements of style will give you the tools to analyze each client’s unique shape and silhouette without embarrassing measurements or weight requirements. Discover how to create your place of business, the steps to skincare and makeup, the language of colour and much more when you register for The Skill of Personal Style.

You will learn:

    • Factual Principles and Elements of Personal Style
    • Detailed Concepts replacing outdated generalizations
    • The Dynamics of Proportion
    • Line, Balance and Visual Stability
    • The Simplicity of Silhouettes
    • The Flair of Fashion Elements
    • Image vs Style
    • Psychological Barriers to Style
    • The Image Consultant’s Image
    • Wardrobes that Work
    • Non-Verbal Communication
    • Colour Talk
    • The Etiquette of Professionalism

The Art and Etiquette of Personal Shopping

Polish your professionalism and set yourself above the competition as you expand your understanding through The Art and Etiquette of Personal Shopping. This image consulting service entails many underlying fundamentals crucial to your client’s positive shopping experience.

The Closet Edit

Organizing an efficient closet and workable wardrobe will have your services remembered for life! Style School’s formula to discard, renew, assess and coordinate client’s clothing and space creates a clutter free closet. The result – an organized, efficient and fashionable wardrobe.

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